New York Online Sportsbook Reviews

Online sports betting for New Yorkers, at long last, may be on the horizon. Recent reports from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the New York Legislature indicate that betting via your phone or computer could soon become legal. In fact, online sports betting in New York might be legalized and launched as early as the second half of 2021.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top sportsbooks to consider installing on your phone once legalization kicks in.

Top New York online sportsbooks

This is still speculation, given that we don’t know the specifics of what New York may require from online sportsbooks when and if they become legal in the state. For now, here are some leading options in other legal states.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings offers one of the best online sportsbooks in the industry, full stop. For starters, it offers a robust and streamlined app experience. Even new users will be able to locate their favorite betting markets and special gameday promotions with just a few button presses on their screens.

Even better, the app offers specialized wagering pools that you can access only via the app instead of the main sportsbook website. DraftKings provides live betting, as well, so it’s easy to enjoy placing wagers while watching your favorite games on your mobile device’s screen.

The sportsbook’s opening bonus can be valuable, as well — it’s typically split into multiple parts to provide even better value for new players. Additionally, regular promotions and gameday specials crop up for all players new and old. All in all, it’s a strong overall sportsbook experience.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is the main competitor for DraftKings, providing phenomenal market depth and variety across major American sports leagues and other niche sporting events, like international soccer and MMA fighting.

The app itself is well-organized and easy to navigate, even if you are new to sportsbook apps. There’s a dedicated search bar you can use to find anything you need throughout the app, plus a slick betting slip function that lets you call up all of your bets with a single swipe.

Don’t forget the opening bonus, which can be quite high and great for getting new players into sports betting without risking too much cash. That means FanDuel, more than even DraftKings, might be a better choice for newcomers to sports betting since this massive cushion will help protect your initial wager, even if it’s overconfident.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is another solid competitor that provides a relatively streamlined and minimalist app compared to many others. Its barebones display is actually a benefit since it means the app’s features and controls are easy to find, and all of the major markets and betting pools are quick to access.

It offers live betting, though you can’t live stream from the app interface. But it also provides an excellent opening bonus for players with new accounts.

The rest of the app gets high marks due to its excellent odds, especially for football and baseball games, and for its regular promotions. It’s a good app to check out every day just in case it has special offers you might be able to take advantage of to win big.

One last note: BetMGM’s rewards program is one of the best in the industry. If you decide to make this your main sportsbook app, consider signing up to get regular rewards and extra site credit from time to time.

FOX Bet Sportsbook

FOX Bet is the official sportsbook of the FOX Sports network. As a result, you’ll benefit from extensive and varied wager pools with odds derived from solid, official league data, as well as in-depth analyses provided by FOX’s analysts.

This app is clearly the go-to choice for fans of the FOX Sports network. It allows you to quickly draw up sports and prediction reports so you can make informed wagers, as well as regular promotions — one good example is the Super Saturday Boost, which gives you extra site credit for the wagers you place all day long.

The app also includes good market depth and variety, several deposit and withdrawal methods, and a streamlined user interface that includes one-touch betting for each wagering category. All in all, it’s a good competitor in the crowded sports betting industry.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars, which most people know for its casinos, also provides a mixed online gambling app that offers sports betting, casino games and online poker depending on what’s legal in your state.

The app overall is quite glamorous, with a black, gold and white color scheme and a well-organized layout, starting with a row of subsections you can access at the top of the screen. The app provides good market variety for major US professional and collegiate sports, as well as international sports and niche activities like racing.

In game betting is available for those interested, as are regular promotions that crop up throughout each sport season. These promotions are often more worthwhile to those who join the Caesars rewards program — a good idea if you already attend this brand’s casinos regularly throughout the year.

BetRivers Sportsbook

You may also wish to try BetRivers if and when it launches in New York. That’s because it has a great opening bonus for players who give the app a try, plus an excellent app that was initially designed for mobile users instead of desktop users.

The app is easy to navigate and lets you jump right into the action through a special button at the top of the screen that takes you to wagers that are live “right now.” Furthermore, it’s fairly customizable compared to other sportsbooks — you can decide whether you want your odds displayed in American, decimal or fractional formats.

Beyond that, it offers reasonable market depth and variety, even for international sports, and a solid user experience all around.

The importance of betting with a legal sportsbook

Legal sportsbooks are far better options than placing wagers with offshore or illegal sportsbooks.

For starters, legal sportsbooks have top-tier digital security. When you visit a legal sportsbook’s site or app, you’ll immediately notice the padlock symbol in the address bar. This indicates SSL security is in place, preventing hackers from scooping user data too easily and protecting your personal information from being exploited.

Most certified and legal sportsbooks also have good digital security on the back end, further protecting your data and any funds currently in your account.

Plus, legal sportsbooks are overseen and regulated by some authoritative body. When sports betting comes to New York, this will likely be the New York State Gaming Commission, which already oversees other gambling activities in the state.

By being regulated, the sportsbook maintains a level of insurance for any customer winnings that are lost, and app users have a regulatory authority to turn to if they have a grievance with an online sportsbook.

Why you should avoid offshore sportsbooks

In contrast, offshore and illegal sportsbooks may have no oversight. There’s no way to tell if the operation is legitimate or if it will actually keep your money in your account when you make a deposit.

Even worse, offshore sportsbooks don’t always have good digital security. Any personal information you put on those sites or apps is, therefore, much more vulnerable to being taken or stolen by hackers. It’s a short road to identity theft.

All in all, it’s always better to wait for legal sportsbooks to come to your state, even if the wait has been particularly long, as in New York’s case.

How to pick an online sportsbook

With so many online sportsbooks to choose from in the future, it may be tough to know where you should spend your time and money. Let’s break down what you should look at when choosing an online sportsbook when they finally launch in New York.

  1. Legality: Of course, you should only choose a sportsbook that is licensed and regulated for New York operation. All of the sportsbooks mentioned above, should they launch, will undoubtedly be certified.
  2. Apps: Good sportsbooks also usually have apps in conjunction with a regular website. Apps let you place sports wagers on the go and check your results even if you aren’t at home. Plus, some sportsbooks provide mobile-only betting pools for their users.
  3. Lines and odds: The best sportsbooks will also have fantastic odds and betting markets. Licensed sportsbooks generate their odds using official league data and have skilled oddsmakers creating their lines.
  4. Welcome bonus: Having difficulty deciding between sportsbooks? Check out which opening bonuses (if any) they offer. Opening bonuses can provide you with site credit or other bonuses to start your sports betting activities with a bang. Some welcome bonuses are designed to cushion your first wagers in case you fail, while others may provide you with bonus site credit depending on your deposit.
  5. Payment options: Sportsbooks can also differ heavily in terms of how flexible their deposit and withdrawal options are. Try to find a sportsbook that offers a few choices so you have multiple ways of funding your account and making a withdrawal. Popular payment options include credit or debit card deposits, bank account transfers or electronic wallet transfers through platforms like PayPal or Skrill.
  6. Support: Lastly, consider the customer support situation of a given sportsbook before making your choice. Some sportsbooks have 24/7 customer support channels available, including phone and email support. Others may not provide many avenues for relief if you have a technical problem or need assistance withdrawing your winnings.

New York Online Sportsbooks FAQ

It depends on the sportsbook you use. But most operators will let you bet on practically all professional American sports leagues, like MLB and the NFL, NBA and NHL. Some more popular sportsbook operators may provide betting markets for niche activities like esports (depending on state rules), darts and cricket. Racing wagers, for instance on NASCAR, are common on most major sportsbook platforms.

College sports betting may or may not be allowed depending on what New York’s legislators ultimately decide. Some states allow college betting either fully or to a limited degree (i.e., only bets on out-of-state colleges).

More sportsbooks will also let you place wagers on international sports. These include leagues and activities like Australian rules football, international soccer and Korean baseball.

Yes. DraftKings is a major sportsbook operator with many years of successful service under its belt. It provides sports betting in multiple legal states and has one of the most robust, user-friendly apps in the industry.

However, DraftKings isn’t currently licensed for mobile or online sportsbook operation in New York. In the Empire State, you can only place wagers with DraftKings by visiting the Del Lago Resort & Casino, where it has a retail sportsbook.

Sports betting has been a popular activity for well over a thousand years. With traditional sports betting, bettors place their wagers through a so-called bookmaker. The titular book used in the word refers to the record book that traditionally tracked wagers, debts and how much each player was owed by the end of a sporting event.

These days, although computers have replaced physical books, sports betting platforms still go by “sportsbooks” in reference to this earlier tradition.

It depends on the withdrawal method you choose. The majority of sportsbooks will get you your winnings in one to five business days. Typically, transfers directly to your bank account or to an electronic wallet are the fastest. Asking for a check or using a similar withdrawal method takes longer.