How To Bet On The Super Bowl In New York

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in all sports. Once a year, the top team from the AFC and NFC meet in the Super Bowl to determine who the NFL champion of that season will be. New York allows sports betting at brick-and-mortar locations, which are all in upstate New York. Online sports betting will be coming to New York soon, and it will be helpful to understand how to bet on one of the biggest sports events. This article will teach you about futures and provide some general tips for betting on the Super Bowl.

2022 Super Bowl futures odds

Betting futures is pretty simple when you break it down. A futures bet is a wager placed on an event that will happen in the future. Usually, these bets focus on teams winning championships, like who will win the Super Bowl. It is important to note that the farther in advance the wager is placed, the greater the odds will be, but it is riskier.

The odds for futures betting can be enticing as they provide some of the greatest single bet payoffs. The odds tell you how likely a team is to win the Super Bowl. Typically, the greater the odds, the less likely a team is to win the Super Bowl. The same works opposite as the lower the odds, the more likely a team is predicted to go to the Super Bowl.

For example, at the beginning of the 2020 season, the Kansas City Chiefs were +600 to win the Super Bowl. They were the preseason favorites, and they ended up in the Super Bowl. On the opposite end, the Jacksonville Jaguars were +20000 to win the Super Bowl the same year. They ended up winning only a single game all season.

At the beginning of the season, most futures odds will never have a negative (-) payout. They will usually be positive (+). This is because there are so many factors that occur during the season that change the odds.

Why does the line change leading up to the Super Bowl?

Line changes are expected in every aspect of sports betting. When it comes to futures bets on the Super Bowl, the line changes can be drastic. This is because several factors throughout the season impact a team’s likeliness to win the Super Bowl.

In the 2020 preseason, Kansas City’s odds were +600 to win the Super Bowl. They were the favorites, but the season hadn’t even begun, so the odds still provided a great return. As the season progressed and Kansas City kept winning, their odds decreased. Odds also increase for a team as other teams are eliminated from playoff contention. Kansas City’s odds to win the Super Bowl dropped to +160 after they clinched the number one seed in the AFC.

Other aspects besides winning can impact a team’s Super Bowl odds as well. For example, the Dallas Cowboys were +1400 to win the Super Bowl before the season. A month later, their starting QB Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury, and their odds jumped to +2500.

The line changes for Super Bowl odds are constant through the season and the offseason. Things like trades, retirements, injuries, etc., all affect futures odds to win the Super Bowl.

Betting tips for the NFL Super Bowl

Here are some top Super Bowl strategy tips for beginner sports bettors.

  • Always do your research: To make the most of your bets, you should always do the proper research to wager responsibly. There are several sites available that provide analysis on the game and stats for each team. Also, always make sure the sites you are getting your information from are reliable.
  • Don’t break the bank on prop bets: The Super Bowl has more prop bets than any other single game in sports. While these prop bets can be much fun, you shouldn’t throw a ton of money on them. It’s smarter to put more money on fewer bets rather than spread your money across a multitude of different bets.
  • Use reliable betting sites: This cannot be stressed enough. You should never use offshore gambling sites or illegal methods of sports betting. New York allows sports betting at casinos, and online and mobile sports betting will soon be available. You should only ever use trusted and reliable sites to place sports wagers.
  • Place your bets early: The Super Bowl is one of the most gambled on events of the year. This means Super bowl betting lines will change drastically for everything. If you want the best lines, you need to place your wagers sooner rather than later.

What are the most popular Super Bowl bets?

The Super Bowl is one of the most fun games to bet on because of all the prop bets. Sportsbooks don’t just provide odds for the typical totals and spread bets. They have lines for almost anything you can imagine. While money line, spread, and total bets are the most popular bets with the most money on them in the Super Bowl, the prop bets are always interesting. Here are some of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets:

Length of the national anthem

This prop bet has become popular over the years. The prop bet is focused on the length of time it takes for the Super Bowl performer to complete the national anthem (lines usually set at -110). This prop bet is always in the form of over/under the total time. For Super Bowl 55, the line is set at 2 minutes, 3 seconds.

Coin toss

The coin toss prop bet has been around for a while now, and people still love it. While it is not a bad bet considering your odds are 50/50 to win, it is always risky as it is up to chance. This prop bet is set like a standard bet as you choose if it will land on heads or tails (lines usually set at -110). Most sportsbooks even have a prop that says the team to win the coin toss will win the game in a yes/no bet.

Gatorade bet

The Gatorade bet has become a fan favorite over the years. This wager may seem odd to some, but it is a tradition for the Super Bowl winning team’s head coach to be splashed by Gatorade. The Gatorade bet is determined by what color of Gatorade is thrown on the coach that wins the Super Bowl. This prop bet is much fun as you have so many options, and it is all up to chance. While some experts believe there are favorites every year (reflected in the odds), this bet can go any way. For instance, in Super Bowl 55, the odds on the Gatorade bet are:

  • Orange +125
  • Red/Pink +300
  • Lime/Green/Yellow +400
  • Purple +600
  • Clear/Water +600
  • Blue +700

Super Bowl MVP

There are two different ways this bet can be placed. You can bet who wins MVP by position or by a specific player. We will discuss this wager in more detail below.

Betting on NFL Super Bowl futures

As mentioned above, when it comes to futures betting, it is better to bet early. In the offseason, preseason, and beginning of the regular season, futures odds are the greatest. This is because there is still uncertainty about how the season will go. As the season progresses, the odds will continue to be lowered, but the risks are smaller.

For example, at the beginning of the offseason leading up to the 2020 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were listed at +5000 to win the Super Bowl. A few months later, they signed star QB Tom Brady and their odds were lowered to +1200. Right before the season began, they were listed at +900. At the midpoint of the season, they were down to +800. When the playoffs began, Tampa Bay still had good odds. They were considered one of the weaker postseason teams, and they were listed at +850. Tampa Bay did reach the Super Bowl, where their odds were lowered down to +150.

The example above shows that there are better times to bet on a futures bet than others. It is always good to place your futures bets far in advance of the season as the odds are higher. It’s also smart to pick a few teams in futures bets. Two teams have to make the Super Bowl, so at least choosing two is always smart. The example also shows that sometimes underdogs can go the distance, so don’t let all odds discourage you (please bet responsibly). A quick tip: if a strong team goes on a small losing streak during the regular season, their odds will increase. If you feel confident a team will bounce back, it never hurts to wager on those futures as well. Again, the worse the odds, the less risky the bet, so always keep that in mind.

Guide to Super Bowl MVP betting

MVP betting, as mentioned above, is one of the most popular bets in the Super Bowl. MVP betting is aimed at determining who the MVP of the Super Bowl will be. There are two main ways to do this: you can wager on MVP winner by position or a specific player.

Betting by position

Betting by position is always a simple and smart way to place Super Bowl MVP bets. Your odds are increased as you are not betting on a specific player. Betting by position allows you to pick the position of the player that you think will be Super Bowl MVP. If you pick that a QB will win the MVP and a QB from either team wins MVP, you will win your bet. This method is less risky as the MVP has come from the winning team every year except once. With this method, you don’t have to pick who wins the Super Bowl. Because of this bet’s generality, odds are much lower than that of choosing a specific player.

Betting on the game MVP

Betting on the Super Bowl MVP is one of the most fun props out there. This method of selecting a specific player to win has advantages and disadvantages. Unlike betting by position, you have to choose an exact player to win Super Bowl MVP. This bet is more difficult as the MVP typically comes from the winning team. So you have to think about who you believe will win when placing this wager. On the plus side, the odds are much greater with this form of Super Bowl MVP betting.

Best NY sites to bet on Super Bowl

When gambling on sports, you should always use a trusted and reliable sportsbook. You should never trust offshore sites, bookies, or any other form of illegal gambling. The reason being none of these methods of sports betting is regulated. There is no way to guarantee you will be paid your winnings or even get your money back with these methods. Here are some trusted sportsbooks that should be going live in New York first:

Downloading/installing mobile sportsbooks on your iPhone/iPad or any other phone or tablet is easy. It only takes a few moments, and anyone with cell service or an internet connection can download the apps.

  1. Visit our list of sportsbooks and click our link to the one you want to download.
  2. Click the link to the App Store or Play Store and download the app..
  3. Proceed to signup for an account with the sportsbook. Be sure to follow all of the instructions during signup to help prevent issues in the future.
  4. Place your first wager.

Biggest bets ever placed on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has a long history of large wagers being placed on the game. While the most common large bets are in the $100,000-$500,000 range, there have been much larger bets. Here is a look at some of the largest NFL Super Bowl bets:

Bob “Mr. Las Vegas” Stupak wagers $1 million on Super Bowl 23

Bob “Mr. Las Vegas” Stupak put down $1 million in 1989 on the Cincinnati Bengals to upset the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 23. Unfortunately, Cincinnati lost the game, and Mr. Stupak lost $1 million.

$1 million placed on 49ers moneyline in Super Bowl 54

While the name of this mystery better is undisclosed, we know they placed a $1million wager on the 49ers to win Super Bowl 54. Unfortunately for this bettor, they lost.

Professional gambler Phil Ivey placed $2 million on Colts in Super Bowl 44

Phil Ivey was confident in the Indianapolis Colts to defeat the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl 44. So much so that he wagered $2 million on the game. Unfortunately for Mr. Ivey, the Colts lost to the Saints that year.

There is a recurring theme here as all of these super bowl wagers lost.

History of Bills, Giants, and Jets in the Super Bowl

The State of New York loves their football. That’s why they have three teams in the state. Since 2010 the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, and New York Jets have combined for six playoff appearances. They have also made it past the Wild Card round three times in the past decade and won one Super Bowl. Each of these teams has unique histories and have combined for a total of five Super Bowl titles in ten appearances.

Buffalo Bills

  • Total Seasons: 61 (1960-2020)
  • Playoff Appearances: 20
  • Last Playoff Appearance: 2020 (Eliminated in AFC Championship)
  • Total Playoff Record: 16-18
  • Super Bowl Record: 0-4
  • Last Super Bowl Appearance: Super Bowl 28 (Lost to Dallas Cowboys)

New York Giants

  • Total Seasons: 96 (1925-2020)
  • Playoff Appearances: 32
  • Last Playoff Appearance: 2016 (Eliminated in Wild Card Game)
  • Total Playoff Record: 24-25
  • Super Bowl Record: 4-1
  • Last Super Bowl Appearance: Super Bowl 46 (Won against New England Patriots)

New York Jets

  • Total Seasons: 61 (1960-2020)
  • Playoff Appearances: 14
  • Last Playoff Appearance: 2010 (Eliminated in AFC Championship)
  • Total Playoff Record: 12-13
  • Super Bowl Record: 1-0
  • Last Super Bowl Appearance: Super Bowl 3 (Won against Baltimore Colts)