Betting on Kentucky Derby in NY

The Kentucky Derby is a great race that always draws bettors to the track. This article will show you exactly how to place your bets online using a sportsbook, how to bet on qualifiers and the history of this amazing race. If you’ve always wanted to start betting on the horse races but don’t know where to start, this is the guide you should read.

We’ll also be talking about how horses qualify for the Kentucky Derby, the most impressive winners, and the odds that you can bet on whenever the Derby starts. The more that you understand about the race and how to bet on it, the more success you will have whenever race day comes around.

How to bet on the Kentucky Derby in NY

Betting on the Kentucky Derby in New York City is very easy, and you can do it in a number of ways. You can bet on the race from home, from the race location itself, and even off the track. You’ve got a lot of options nowadays, especially since horse racing, and the use of the internet with horse racing, have become more and more popular.

Here are some of the best ways to make your bets on the races, and you’ve got several options.

Mobile apps

The best Kentucky Derby betting app that we use is an app called TVG. It takes you to the heart of horse racing right from your phone and allows you to get onto any of the horse racing tracks without any trouble. You will be able to access over 150 tracks worldwide, all from your computer or mobile device.

These racetracks and bets include both regular races and the Kentucky Derby and other finals, and our app is a one stop shop for horse racing bettors. This is a legitimate betting site that keeps your information safe and allows you to find and make bets quickly and easily. It is one of the oldest and best names in track betting, and it also pays at full track odds. This gives you a bit of extra money.

Additionally, the TVG mobile app has handicapping tools, news updates, and race commentary and analysis from pros. So even if you are a beginner to the world of competitive horse racing and betting, you can still have some idea of what’s a good bet or not. Take advantage of the information that you have going forward, and use it to make the best bets.

Once your account is made, you can search different races, horses, and jockeys, while placing bets through the easy to use interface. It is a very easy to use application, and even if you can’t be on the track, you can still feel like you are there.

Betting at teller

Another way of betting, and some people argue it is the only way to bet, is to bet at the teller at the track. The teller’s job is to make sure that you know about all of the pets posted, and it’s almost like being at a movie theater. You can go up to the teller, select a horse and race, and then place your wager.

To make things easier for everyone involved, you should have your money in hand. State the track’s name, the race number, the amount of money, and the bet you are placing. Then say the horse’s program number. It should roll off the tongue, and after your bet has been processed the teller will give you a ticket.

If your bet wins, you can take the ticket back to the teller and then retrieve your winnings. Just make sure you know what to say and that you are at the right window beforehand. There’s something about holding a ticket in your hands and eagerly watching the track that just can’t be replicated from a phone!

Off track betting

Off track betting is whenever you place a bet on a horse race away from the actual track. This is sanctioned gambling in a neutral place, and you have several options. You can use online websites and apps, or head to a location that allows you to bet on the race. You can watch a live feed of the race, almost as if you were there.

Kentucky Derby bet types

The Kentucky Derby has a large number of bets available, and it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Of course, if you are a beginner, there are three wagers you have to try.

  • Win Bets: This is where the horse you bet on needs to win the race. It is easy, clean, and simple to understand. Your horse just needs to win.
  • Place Bets: Place Bets are good for the top one and top two spots. If your chosen horse finishes in spots one and two, then you win your wager.
  • Show Bets: Much like place bets, you can win your bet if your horse finishes in first, second, and third places. As you give your horse more chances to win, the payoffs tend to go down. You can circumvent this by betting on multiple races and multiple horses.

Another interesting type of bet is the vertical exotic, which is where you attempt to predict where each horse in the race will finish. Depending on the number of horses you pick, the risk and payoffs increase.

Kentucky Derby odds

Of course, the best way to predict this year’s Kentucky Derby betting odds is to look at the odds of last year. Here are some of the odds on 2020’s derby runners.

  • Max Player 19-1
  • Enforcable 25-1
  • Storm the Court 28-1
  • Major Fed 39-1
  • Money Moves 15-1

Moments in Kentucky Derby history

One of the best races at the Kentucky Derby didn’t just involve the horses, but the jockeys as well. In the 59th running of the Kentucky Derby in 1933, Brokers Tip and Head Play were neck and neck for the finish, and while both horses fought for the lead, their jockeys fought one another. They tangled with one another and grabbed arms and whips, only for Brokers Tip to win it.

Both jockeys were removed from the saddle for a month after the fight, but no one can deny that it was exciting!

Another moment in the history of the race happened in 1968 where the horse Dancer’s Image beat Forward Pass to win the race. However, after officials drug tested Dancer’s Image after the race, they found the banned substance phenylbutazone in his urine and the horse was disqualified.

Dancer’s Image is the only Kentucky Derby winner to be disqualified, and Forward Pass became the official winner of the race.

Finally, one of the coolest Kentucky Derby winners is Monarchoes. Not only did the horse win the 2001 Kentucky Derby with the 2nd fastest time on record, but he also came back from 13th place to win by 4 and ¾ lengths, also being the 2nd derby winner to break the sub-two-minute mark.

How horses qualify for the Kentucky Derby

However, it isn’t easy for horses and jockeys to qualify for the biggest race in the sports world. The qualifying process is a fairly difficult one, and here are the steps that get 20 horses to one of the largest races in the world.

The horses need to be three year old thoroughbreds, so this is a once in a lifetime event for all the horses participating. Several thousand thoroughbreds are born each year, but barely a handful qualify for the race, and even fewer actually qualify for the Derby.

First, the horses need to go down the ‘Road To the Kentucky Derby’ where the season is divided into two phases. The first phase ‘The Kentucky Derby Prep Season’ consists of races on dirt or synthetic surfaces that are about one mile. Then points are awarded to the top four horses that finish each race.

After the prep time, horses go into the “Kentucky Derby Championship Series” where they deal with the super six prep races that give 100 points to the winner of each race. Depending on the points that each horse wins, that increases their chances of going through the derby. The points can also help betters get a better idea of who is more likely to win the race.

Additionally, the jockeys will need to pay several fees, including nomination fees, entry fees, and starter fees.

A brief history of the Kentucky Derby

The largest horse race in history has some very interesting origins going with it. It was brought to America when a man named Meriwether Lewis Clark, who was related to Lewis and Clark, visited the Epsom Derby in 1872. He watched the race and talked to the French Jockey club, which had created the Grand Prix de Paris Longchamps.

Clark was inspired by the travels through Europe and designed to bring horse racing to the United States. Once he laid down the groundwork and teamed up with some local race fans, they began to open the racetrack in Louisville Kentucky, and that race began running for the next three centuries.

Over the years it has expanded, changed, and has gone through two world wars and a depression without stop.

The 2019 controversy

Of course, a race that has been running since 1872 has controversy, and no more controversy was seen than in 2019. The horse Maximum Security won the race at Churchill Downs, defeating his competitor Country House. However, 22 minutes later the stewards overturned the decision and claimed that Maximum Security had cut off his competitors and interfered with them by drifting, and the horse was dropped from the winner’s circle.

This resulted in Maximum Security being the first horse disqualified due to interference and caused a massive uproar from everyone involved. Despite reviewing the tapes and appeals, as well as attempting to brush off what had happened due to the track’s horrible conditions during that day.

It’s something that Derby fans are still debating about to this day, and it certainly is one of the weirder chapters in the history of the Derby.

Postponement of the 2020 Kentucky Derby

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 146th Kentucky Derby was postponed from May 2nd, 2020 to September 5th, 2020. They wanted to make sure that the health and wellness of all those participating in the Derby were taken care of first, before moving forward with a date.

The 2020 derby ended with an upset and gave trainer Bob Baffart his sixth Kentucky Derby Win.

Kentucky Derby FAQ

When is the Kentucky Derby usually run?

The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday in May every year, and it has been held for over 145 years as the longest and continually held sporting event in America. It was only ever postponed twice, during World War 2 which delayed the derby, to June 9th, three days after the end of the war. It was also postponed during 2020 due to COVID-19 to September 5th.

How many horses run in the race?

Twenty thoroughbred horses run in the race every year. They are always three year old thoroughbreds, and they have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run and win this race.

How much money does the winner of the Kentucky Derby get?

There is a three million dollar purse that is split between the first five finishers. The 1st place winner gets 1.86 million. 2nd gets $600,000, $300,000 goes to 3rd, 4th gets $150,000, and 5th gets $90,000. So, you can see why all the riders are jockeying for that top spot!

Who was the fastest horse to win the Kentucky Derby?

The horse Secretariat has a 16 month long career that began with the first Triple Crown Champion. He now holds a record at his fastest time: 1:59:40, and he really symbolizes everything great about horse racing. Walk into any horse racing environment, and just mention the name Secretariat. Everyone will have their own opinion on the amazing horse.