PGA Championship Betting Guide NY

If you know anything about golf, you know about all of the tournaments, including the Masters and of course the PGA Championship. The PGA Championship is a golf tournament that is not only watched by millions around the world but is also very easy to bet on. There are a lot of sportsbooks that allow you to place golf bets on the PGA Championship, and there are also plenty of different bets you can make. If you are a beginner bettor, then you might find that you are having trouble figuring out what sportsbook services to try. If this is the case, then please read on, because we are going to break down some of the best sportsbooks that will allow you to easily bet on the PGA. You won’t feel overwhelmed once you finish this article!

Best PGA Championship betting apps 2023

While online sports betting has yet to be regulated in New York, there are many apps available in neighboring New Jersey that allow New Yorkers to bet.

BetMGM Sportsbook app

BetMGM connects you to the world of gambling through the app and the website, allowing you to make bets on the PGA Championship from anywhere. Both the website and the BetMGM app are very easy to navigate, and BetMGM is connected to MGM Resorts International. This connection increases its trustworthiness in the eyes of most, as MGM has been connected to the highly successful casino chain and PlayMGM brand before it was rebranded. You can bet on several sports, including golf and the PGA tournament, and it is very easy to get into the action. You just need to go to the golf section and find the PGA tournament before placing your bet on one of the scenarios that the website offers you.

PointsBet Sportsbook app

One of the most unique things about PointsBet is the way that it causes the winnings you earn to change based on the outcome of the game. While several other betting services are simply ‘bet and forget’, where you place your wager before things start and are a slave to circumstances if things go wrong, PointsBet does things differently.  For example, if you think that golfer A will only get into a sand trap once during the game, and he gets into three sand traps, your wager will triple based on that. However, if he gets into no sand traps you will lose double your wager. This not only keeps your eyes glued to the game but also allows for you to have your winnings and losses fluctuate as things go on. PointsBet is very easy to use, and you will be able to connect to the world of sports betting with just a single account. On the other hand, if points betting doesn’t seem all that exciting to you, you can simply make a regular wager and allow things to happen. Your bet will not change based on the final score, removing the risk — but also a lot of the reward.

William Hill Sportsbook app

If you have been on the sports betting circuit a long time, you’ve likely heard of William Hill. It began by betting and taking bets by phone and by mail in 1934. After 30 years, it began to open brick and mortar betting shops and entered the online scene 30 years after that.  Now it’s become one of the biggest online sportsbook companies in the world, and the history that it has with betting makes it very experienced and trustworthy in the industry. It has a lot of different betting options, including live sports betting, as well as many deposit and withdrawal options. The William Hill app also offers betting on the PGA Championship, betting mostly on the odds that certain players will win. The website is very easy to get around, and you’ll find the sportsbook’s wealth of experience very helpful as you go through the website and start placing your first bets.  While William Hill is available in 11 US states at the moment, its partnerships with various casinos in the world will allow it to start moving into other states, including New York.

DraftKings Sportsbook app

DraftKings was one of the first daily fantasy sports sites on the scene and it’s still going strong today. Its user interface is very easy to grasp, and you will be able to find both online sports and live sports to bet on. The daily fantasy sports system allows for users to place short bets and make money very quickly when compared to a typical fantasy season.  It also offers live sports bets, including on golf and the PGA tour, and getting involved couldn’t be simpler. Once you have your account, you can select ‘live sports’ and navigate to the golf tab to find a whole host of things to bet on! The DraftKings app offers several other types of sports you can bet on, with various contests depending on which sports are in season at the time. As long as your sport is on the field or the court, you can find some type of betting action to take advantage of, especially when it comes to preseason, regular season, and post-season games. If you want to work with the best of the best when it comes to fantasy and live sports, then this is the best website for you to start betting on.

FanDuel Sportsbook app

FanDuel is another website that is right up there with DraftKings in terms of both fantasy sports and real life sports betting content. It dominates the market and most importantly, it looks really good on both your computer and the mobile app. The design is clean and modern, and you can easily find what you are looking for with just a few clicks. It also allows you to make several different types of bets on live sports, and thanks to its popularity, it is slowly becoming available in more and more states. The FanDuel app also has several deposit and withdrawal options available in the service, so depositing your funds and withdrawing your winnings is very easy.  Additionally, FanDuel remembers what it was like to be a beginner at betting. The website has several types of safeguards in place to protect beginner bettors from getting in over their heads. These include beginner-only contests and tutorials to make sure you understand how to bet on live sports before you hop into the real contests and trades. This feature is unique to FanDuel, as we don’t see many websites that protect and guide beginner bettors and players like that.

Choosing the right golf betting site

Of course, before you go picking the right online sportsbook for you, you should figure out what an online sportsbook should look like. First, you should look at its legality. All sportsbooks should be regulated and legal within the US and the state that you are in. You should also look at the banking options for both inputs and outputs, and there should be a lot of options. From physical cards to third-party online vendors, you should have many ways to deposit and take out money. If there are only a few, then that is a red flag. Finally, your sportsbook should have good customer support, because if money is involved and a mistake is made, you want to get it rectified immediately. 

Why you should bet on the PGA Championship online

Going online and using a reputable sportsbook to bet on the PGA Championship is a better idea than trying to head out and work with a physical bookie. First, it is fast and easy, and rather than finding a local betting shop to place a bet, you just need to head online and deposit some cash. It’s just much easier to do it online, and you can find a ton of different options. The five sportsbooks listed above are very interesting, but they are only five options out of thousands! Plus, when working with a sportsbook, you find higher PGA Championship odds and fewer fees than working with a physical shop.

New York retail sportsbooks

Here are some of the retail sportsbook services operating out of New York:

  • del Lago Casino Resort, 113 NY-414, Waterloo, NY 13165 sponsored by DraftKings
  • Yellow Brick Road Casino, 800 W Genesee St., Chittenango, NY 13037 sponsored by the Lounge with Caesers Sports
  • Resorts World Catskills, 888 Resorts World Dr., Monticello NY 12701 sponsored by Sportsbook 360 

Fun golf bets to make on the PGA Championship

There are several bets that you can make when the PGA Championship rolls around. Some are based on fact, others random, and some are just funny and cool to speculate on.

  • Top 5/10/20: This is a very simple bet to understand and get behind. If you pick a golfer and they end up in the top five, ten, or 20 golfers for the championship, you win your wager. This gives you a much higher chance of winning, instead of making one bet to see if your golfer will be able to win the tournament.
  • Head-to-head: This is another simple bet that has a high chance of winning you money. Two golfers are pitted against one another, and if the one you pick beats his opponent, then you win the wager!
  • Props: Prop bets are random bets based on things that might happen, and not necessarily on things that are grounded in fact. Some prop bets might include: ‘there will be fewer than five hazards today’, or ‘we’ll only see three birdies’. You can’t predict whether these things will or won’t happen, but they’re still something you can bet on.
  • FRL: First round leader is a wager that is placed on which golfer is going to become the leader for round one of the PGA tournament.
  • Three ball lines: Three ball lines, or three ball betting, is where you pick three golfers and place a bet to see which one has the lowest score. This is a bit ironic because you want to pick the worst golfer to make a wager on. 
  • Straight forecast: A straight forecast is very similar to the head-to-head scenario, but rather than simply having one person beat another no matter what, you need to predict the exact positions that they will finish in. It’s a bit more specific but does have a much higher payout attached to it.
  • Each way: The each way bet can be a bit complicated, but for the each way bet you need a win bet and a place bet. This bet completes when your golfer wins a tournament. Each way bets allow you to bet on a golfer and bet that they will finish above a certain position in the tournament. 

PGA Championship betting tips and advice

In order to give yourself the best odds to make some money and win your wagers, you need to first research the golfers that you want to bet on. Try to understand how they play, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they play on different courses.  You should also compare their play style on different courses to the course that the PGA Championship is on. Even a good golfer can fall apart on a different course, and a bad golfer can find their legs on a course they are good at. Finally, analyze the stats and try to find the patterns that a golfer repeats. They might not repeat these patterns on the day of the tournament, but you need to keep them in the back of your mind.

Past PGA Championship venues and winners

Here are the past ten PGA winners:

  1. Martin Kaymer at Whistling Straits, Straits Course
  2. Keegan Bradley at Atlanta Athletic Club, Highlands Course
  3. Rory Mcllroy at Kiawa Island Golf Resort, The Ocean Course with 5/1 odds
  4. Jason Dufner at Oak Hill, East Course 28/1
  5. Rory Mcllroy Valhalla Golf Club with 8/1
  6. Jason Day, Whistling Straits, Straits Course at 12/1
  7. Jimmy Walker, Baltrurol Golf Club, Lower Course 125/1
  8. Justin Thomas, Quail Hollow Club 10/1
  9. Brooks Koepka at Bethpage Black Course 10/1
  10. Colin Morikawa, TPC Harding Park +450 to win

When is the PGA Championship in 2021?

For 2021, the PGA tournament is going to be held from May 20-23, on the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island.