New York Sports Betting Apps

Mobile sports betting is on the rise throughout the country. But states like New York have not yet jumped on the bandwagon and begun to benefit from the massive profits enjoyed by states like New Jersey and Colorado.

Still, New York’s legislature and governor are currently in serious talks that indicate mobile sports betting legalization may be coming soon. Sports betting is only legal in New York at licensed casinos owned and operated by Native American tribes at the time of this writing. But if and when online and mobile sports betting is legalized, this paradigm will change and sports bettors will be able to place wagers from almost anywhere within the state.

Let’s break down some of the best mobile sports betting options you can expect to launch when legalization comes to New York.

Best sports betting apps likely coming to NY in 2021

It’s not yet clear what sportsbooks will pursue state licensure when mobile sports betting is legalized. But, we can make some predictions about likely operators since many sportsbooks already have retail operations at upstate casinos.

DraftKings Sportsbook app

Out of all the major sportsbooks, DraftKings is perhaps the most well-known. This is both because it operates in every state with legalized sports betting and because it has one of the best apps in the industry.

Indeed, this operator’s mobile sportsbook platform is a streamlined and very well programmed experience from start to finish. Users don’t typically feel any significant lag, and finding your betting slip or different betting markets is quick and easy.

This app is also a favorite since you can find mobile-only betting pools in its interface. These wagers are only available if you use the app itself, as opposed to the desktop website.

Beyond that, this mobile sportsbook provides live and in play betting and has deep betting markets for almost every activity or sports league you can imagine. It’s even one of the few sportsbooks that provide eSports wagers for those who appreciate this arena.

DraftKings is also great for new players since it provides an excellent opening bonus that’s split between two types. Additional bonuses crop up regularly for other users as well.

This app doesn’t disappoint when it comes to deposit or withdrawal methods either. You’ll have around a dozen different ways to fund your account and withdraw your winnings after a great wagering streak. All in all, DraftKings represents the best of the best when it comes to mobile sportsbooks and we’re excited to see it launch in New York sometime in the future.

FanDuel Sportsbook app

FanDuel is just as well known as DraftKings and provides a phenomenal mobile sports betting experience from start to finish. For instance, its oddsmakers provide very generous betting lines for the app users and plenty of popular games will benefit from increased player-friendly odds so everyone has more opportunities to win big.

It also benefits from good market depth and variety, including international and niche sports leagues options. The mobile app itself is easy to navigate and intuitive to understand. Most major controls are handled from a single window, allowing you to change the spreads, totals, and other aspects of your wagers using a few major buttons.

You’ll also be able to search the entire app using the bar at the bottom of the screen. The betting slip can be flipped up into view with a single swipe. Like DraftKings, you can also place live or in-play wagers in conjunction with live stream functionality from this mobile app.

The opening bonus is pretty generous, too. All in all, FanDuel impresses almost as much as DraftKings, and it’s still a staple option for both new and experienced sports bettors alike.

BetMGM Sportsbook app

You might also want to try BetMGM if and when it launches in New York. It has a decent opening bonus for players who sign up for a new account.

But it’s also a great app in other ways. For instance, BetMGM typically offers player-friendly odds, especially for big sports leagues such as MLB and NFL games. Live and in play betting is offered on this platform as well, though live streaming is unfortunately not included.

It offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, including direct bank transfers, credit and debit card transfers, and electronic wallet transfers. The mobile app overall features a minimalist design that makes it easy to parse, even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

You’ll be able to quickly access major sports league markets and popular bets at the top of the screen, as well as access your betting slip from the bottom of the screen with a swipe of your thumb. There isn’t usually any lag to speak of. All in all, it’s a phenomenal mobile app through and through and a great choice for sports bettors that prefer simplified, streamlined sports betting experiences over cluttered apps.

BetRivers Sportsbook app

BetRivers is a great sportsbook for newcomers to the industry. It offers a great opening bonus to convince new players to give it a try. The betting pools and league selection controls are clearly identifiable and its betting slip is responsive.

But it’s also a good sportsbook for experienced bettors who may wish their odds to be displayed differently. For example, you can display your odds in the standard American format (which usually shows how much money you have to wager to win or lose $100), the decimal format, or the fractional format. This level of control isn’t seen often elsewhere.

It offers decent market depth and variety overall, and the mobile app’s interface was designed for mobile users first and foremost, as opposed to being based on a desktop website. It features a dedicated search bar and a ‘live right now’ section that can help you jump into the action immediately if you just want to wager on real-time sporting events and don’t care what they are.

It’s ultimately a flexible app that works well for both beginners and experienced sports betting veterans alike.

Caesars Sportsbook app

Caesars, the well-known casino brand, also has an official sportsbook that kicks off with a good opening bonus for new app users. It’s a robust sportsbook experience from start to finish, with a sleek black, white, and gold aesthetic, and a user-friendly outline.

The home page can quickly transfer you to different gambling activities (though New York is unlikely to legalize multiple types of gambling in the same legislation), such as casino games, online poker, and online sports betting.

In the sports betting section, you can navigate through five different subsections, such as in play betting, trending wagers, or sporting events, virtual sports, and more. The app provides all-around good market depth and variety, as well as the classic spread of wager types that run from moneyline bets to futures to prop bets.

Additionally, Caesars offers a cash-out feature that lets you take your profits out of a wager before a match or game has fully ended (if it looks like you’ll lose overall). All in all, it’s a well-rounded app that may become even more worthwhile should New York decide to lift other gambling restrictions in the future.

How does mobile sports betting technology work?

Mobile sportsbooks are wirelessly synched with their operators’ online sportsbook websites. This keeps odds and betting lines consistent between platforms and ensures that users of either have a relatively similar experience.

However, mobile sportsbooks also utilize geolocation software that is automatically added by default when you install a sportsbook app on your phone. The geolocation software will track your location constantly and only allow you to place wagers within New York’s borders.

How to download and install mobile sportsbook apps

Downloading a New York sports betting app will follow the same process as other states. You’ll search for the sportsbook of your choice, download it to your phone, and complete a short registration process before funding your account.

However, this process is different depending on whether you use an Android or iPhone device.

How do I download a sportsbook app on Android?

Unfortunately, the Google Play Store (from which all Android apps are downloaded) strictly forbids any gambling apps whatsoever. So you’ll have to look elsewhere to download the sportsbook of your choice.

The best way to do this is to Google your favorite sportsbook and visit its website. Any sportsbook that offers an online sports betting app will have a ‘download’ page or a similar location. Click on that page and you should see a button saying something like ‘download for Android’.

After starting the download process, you may need to allow an ‘.apk’ file onto your phone manually (just click the ‘allow’ button when it pops up). Download this file and installation should proceed automatically.

How do I download a sportsbook app on iOS?

iPhone users will have a much easier time installing their favorite sportsbooks. Simply visit the sportsbook via this link and click the link to the App Store.

Once you find the sportsbook, click the ‘download’ button and installation should begin automatically.

Pros of mobile sports betting

Mobile sports betting is popular for a reason. In fact, more people than ever before are choosing to use mobile sportsbooks instead of heading to a retail casino, or even bringing up a desktop site, due to the method’s convenience and ease-of-use.

  • Mobile sports betting lets you place wagers quickly. This can be advantageous when you’re watching the game, comfortable on your couch, and want to place an in play bet to get in on the action.
  • Furthermore, mobile sportsbooks can let you place wagers even when you are away from home. This is helpful if you have to work on a big game day but don’t want to miss out on special wagering pools.
  • Similarly, mobile sportsbooks let you check the status of your wagers even if you aren’t at home or at your computer desk.
  • Some mobile sportsbooks, like DraftKings, provide mobile-only betting pools that you can only participate in if you use the mobile app instead of the online website.
  • Lastly, mobile sportsbooks prevent you from having to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to place wagers. It’s much easier to participate in sports betting all season long when you don’t have to take a long, hard drive on each big game day.

Live sports betting

Some of the best mobile sportsbooks, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, offer live sports betting wagers and streaming services.

Live sports betting apps let you place wagers on events that happen in-game at a moment’s notice. This unlocks special wagering markets that you can’t enjoy any other way. For instance, live betting apps will let you place wagers on things like:

  • Whether a baseball game will reach a certain score.
  • Whether a player will be injured over the next quarter.
  • Whether a certain player will be fielded or benched by the coach.
  • And more.

Many excellent mobile sportsbooks even pair this functionality with live streaming. With these apps, you can watch the action unfold on your screen as you place wagers and collect your winnings.

Mobile betting FAQ

It depends on the sportsbook you download, but most major sportsbook operators will let you bet on all the major American sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Collegiate sports may or may not be offered depending on the specifics of New York’s future sports betting legislation.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to place wagers on other competitive activities like NASCAR racing, darts, MMA fighting, and more. Certain international sports betting markets may be available depending on the app you install. These markets can include wagers for international soccer, rugby, cricket, and so on.

The geolocation software that each licensed sportsbook installs automatically sends a regular ping to a satellite in orbit. It works similarly to mapping apps that are likely already installed on your phone as well.

If the app detects a ping that’s outside of New York’s state lines, you won’t be able to place a wager or withdraw your winnings.